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14K Gold Plated Cuban Link Chain Bracelet w/ Rhinestone Accents




  • The cuban link bracelet is a luxurious design that showcases your wealth and status
  • The colorful zircon is surrounded by sparkle CZ, making it a perfect gift for friends and yourself
  • It is suitable for daily wear, hip hop fashion performance, music concerts, and even as a birthday gift for those who enjoy hip hop fashion elements
  • The women’s cuban chain bracelet is made from rectangle cut cubic zirconia and has a shiny rhinestone that is less impurity
  • The product is guaranteed to have outstanding quality and pure colors
  • All of our products are lead free, nickel free, and therefore allergy-free
  • Please remove the cuban link bracelet when sleeping, exercising, or doing other physically strenuous activities
  • It is recommended to store it in a cool, dry place
  • We provide exquisite gift boxes for every customer who places an order
  • Our exclusive gift packages are available for Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Valentine’s Day and will be used for your loved ones, friends, family members, and of course, yourself
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time and we will provide solutions in any time
  • SISMIURRA is dedicated to providing customers with jewelry that makes them feel happy and loved. We believe that everyone deserves to be beautiful and happy in life.
  • Our cuban link bracelet is elegant, exquisite, and luxurious, featuring a colorful zircon enclosed in sparkle CZ. It is suitable for daily wear, hip hop fashion performances, music concerts, and as a birthday gift for those in love with hip hop fashion elements.
  • For those who want to keep their jewelry safe, we recommend storing it in a closed package away from water, alkali liquor, and other caustic liquids.
  • Before taking down or moving the adorn article, please be sure to do it in a closed package and avoid water, alkali liquor, or other caustic liquids.
  • If your jewelry wears for a long time, it may become oxidation dark, but this is a normal situation and will not affect the quality of the jewelry.


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