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18K Gold Cuban Link Bracelet for Men 21cm Miami Chain Bangle 7 35g Yellow Gold




  • Here’s the rewritten paragraph:
    • A 18k yellow gold bracelet for men is crafted in pieces designed by combining large hollow links of 9
    • 00 mm wide
    • The Barbada style chain measures 21
    • 00 cm long and features a lobster claw clasp
    • The bracelet weighs 7
    • 35 grams and is made of 18k gold
    • This handcrafted piece exudes modern style and timeless beauty, thanks to its Italian design and craftsmanship
    • It’s a stunning jewel that should be recognized as a masterpiece by any self-made man
    • wearing a jewel is like presenting yourself with something that’s forever
    • It’s a symbol of your success and a moment that will always be treasured
    • A jewel can be a forever gift, making a lasting impression on those you love
    • The stunning gift packaging is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s Quinceanos, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, graduation, coming of age, Holy Communion, engagement, wedding anniversary, birthday, or Christmas
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    • Our jewels are an investment, not just a present!

Product details

  • ItemWeight:‎ 0.27Ounces
  • A 18k yellow gold bracelet for men, crafted with large hollow links of 9.00mm wide. The Barbada style chain is 21.00 cm long and features a lobster claw clasp. The bracelet is made with 7.35 grams of 18k gold and has a dimensions of 750mm. This handmade piece combines modern style and timeless beauty with elegance, making it a stunning gift that can be given to anyone on any occasion. Italian jewelry stands out for its unparalleled design and craftsmanship, and this jewel is a true recognition of self-made success.


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