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Personalized Name Necklace with 18K Gold Plate a Unique Gift for Women




  • The name necklace is made with 18K gold plating stainless steel and is available in 5 different chain lengths
  • The height of the name pendant is 0
  • 47″
  • The product is designed to be a perfect gift for various occasions, including
    birthdays, weddings, anniversary, Memorial Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day,
    Valentine’s Day, and New Year
  • The customer service guarantee is to make things easy for the customer if they have any questions about the product
  • Jewenova offers an exquisite and elegant personalized jewelry design that can be customized according to one’s wishes, creating a unique piece that reflects joy and milestones.
  • We believe that jewelry is more than just metal, and our designs strive to capture the essence of personalized custom jewelry.
  • Jewenova’s Personalized Name Necklace with 18K Gold Plated Nameplate is a perfect choice for women who want to show the most important name to them every day.
  • Click customize now to start your own personalized jewelry design, choosing from a variety of styles and colors, including silver, gold, and rose gold.
  • Any names can be customized within 15 characters, and there are three chain sizes to choose from.
  • Ten different fonts provide a variety of style options, and there are three different kinds of gift boxes to choose from.
  • The Name necklace,Vertical Name Necklace,Spaced Letter Necklace,Heart Layered Necklace, Crown Name Necklace, and 18K Gold Plated material are available.
  • The material is made of stainless steel.
  • The design features 18K Gold Plated.
  • The product is suitable for daily wear.


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