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Personalized 18K Gold Plated Name Necklace for Women



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    • Create a unique and stylish way to showcase your personality by customizable your name necklace
    • Choose from a variety of options such as a life tree, heart, butterfly, or birthstone, and even layered necklaces
    • The necklace can be customized in three colors: Silver, Rose Gold, and 18K Gold plating
    • The atmosphere is simple, elegant, and perfectly matches with any outfit, making it a heartwarming and customized gift for anniversary, engagement, birthday, wedding, Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving Day
    • The name necklace features a fixed chain length design and is beautifully crafted and plating with 18K gold, making it durable and reliable
    • Get a quality guarantee for your name necklace by choosing the 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, or 22″ chain length
    • This custom-made name plate is crafted and plating with 18K gold, making it durable and reliable
    • Experience hassle-free customer service and get the wonderful shopping experience you deserve
    • Contact us whenever you have any concern about your item

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  • We offer a range of personalized customization options for our necklaces, including four different chains to choose from.
  • Making your custom necklace is sure to provide maximum satisfaction.
  • This unique necklace will be your own and one of a kind, making it a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • Cross necklaces with a birthstone, Frosted surface, Key necklace, Skull necklace, and customizable options are just a few of the many features available.
  • As a new product, our Hypoallergenic necklace is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid any potential allergies.


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