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Stainless Steel Mermaid Whale Tail Pendant w/ Amulet




  • The Egyptian necklace is made of high-grade 316L stainless steel and is 18K gold/black gun plating

  • It is non-deformable, hypoallergenic, and never rusts or corrodes
  • It can be polished to a smooth surface and is suitable for matching various clothing items such as T-shirts, jeans, suits, sweaters, and coats
  • The fishtail necklace is a stylish and punk-inspired design that features animal symbols, Snakes, Pentagrams, and stars
  • It is perfect for daily use, parties, dates, friends gathering, and any occasion
  • The Gothic necklace is also made of stainless steel and has a slightly different size details of a pendant 1
  • 9 inches * 2
  • 3 inches and Chains 22 inches + 2 inches Snake chain
  • It is ideal for men and can be a gift choice for any gift giving occasion
  • The Ancient Necklace is a brand story of Hipunk Jewelry store that provides more hip-hop and punk, gothic jewelry for younger people
  • If you have any concerns about the order or the items, please contact us, we will reply in 24 hours


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