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Uancheng’s New Trendy 18K Gold Plated Cross Necklace for Women




  • The beautiful design of the Diamond Silver Necklace features a real Mossan Diamond, which is equally pure and hardness as a diamond
  • The Italy Made Sterling Silver Chain is crafted by a professional designer and has been in production for 20 years
  • The Bright Cross Necklace is a thoughtful gift for those who value beauty and elegance in their gifts

Product details

  • PackageDimensions:‎ 4.72×4.72×3.94inches;1.1Pounds

This is a description of a necklace made of a bright diamond, which is carefully chosen from a selection of Mossan diamonds. The purity and cut size of the diamonds are highly selected, and the necklace is suitable for gifting to girlfriends, wifes, daughters, mothers, friends, and colleagues. The chain is made of 925 Sterling Silver and is Plated with 18K Gold. The individual package is available for purchase, and the necklace can also be sent in a beautiful gift box.


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