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18K White Gold Plated 5 00Ct Leaf Necklace



  • Crystal can give a elegant look
  • It can also be comfortable and chic to wear
  • This jewelry piece is hypoallergenic and comfortably fitting
  • It is also lead and nickel-free, which makes it safe for your skin
  • The guaranteed lasting color and shine of this jewelry piece make it a great option to wear for longer periods of time

Here’s the rewritten paragraph:

  • Add an elegant touch to your style without compromising on comfort with this jewelry piece. Its gold-plated mounts feature genuine crystals that showcase the brilliance of these stunning pieces. They are hypoallergenic and comfortable-fitting, making them easy to wear. – Achieve an elegant look with crystal – Be comfortable and chic with this hypoallergenic and comfortably fitting jewelry piece – Keep your skin safe and protected from harmful lead and nickel content – Wear them for longer with their guaranteed lasting color and shine – Stone type: Genuine crystals


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